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Empower households with an efficiency education program the whole family can enjoy

Conservation's New Classroom

Our interactive, hands-on efficiency education programs are the perfect way to engage your residential customers of all ages. Conservation education programs can be crafted for students from elementary school through high school—either in the classroom or online—to teach valuable energy- and water-conservation skills. This creates a dual benefit: children come home and teach their parents the lessons they’ve learned, and your next generation of customers is able to grow with valuable conservation knowledge.

Efficiency Education With Kits

When you pair an education program with a utility-branded take-home kit filled with energy- and water-saving products, we’re able to track verifiable savings—and your customers will be excited about receiving free products. 

How Efficiency Education Programs Work

Our experts will design a customized program that meets your savings goals and your budget. Personalize your program with unique products, your utility’s custom branding, digital or hard-copy formats, region-specific educational content and more. We guarantee your program will be unlike anything else offered today.

  • Award-Winning. Our efficiency education programs have earned awards in energy innovation, corporate excellence and more from organizations like ACEEE, AESP and APPA.
  • Full STEAM Ahead. We deliver a truly rich educational experience. All our education programs meet or exceed state learning standards and the foundations set forth by Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) skills.
  • Goal-Oriented. Our programs are designed to meet your goals and budget. We can provide a standard program that goes to market quickly, or something fully customized, created to be as unique as your service territory.
  • Flexible. Regulations, technology, customer needs and even the education environment are constantly changing. And we’re changing with them. We’re driving innovation and ensuring our programs are always relevant, regardless of what the future might bring.
  • Brand-Building. As a gateway to deeper engagement, our education programs build awareness of your brand and cross-promote additional programs within your portfolio. The result? Authentic connection points with more loyal, satisfied customers.
  • Verifiable Savings. We track program literacy scores, installation activities and consumer behavior changes, guaranteeing a program that meets EM&V requirements.

Online Efficiency Education

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Our EarthWise Adventure™ education program is an all-digital, game-like environment for students to discover the building blocks of energy and water conservation. Featuring activities, videos, readings and more, this digital efficiency education program is designed to appeal to students of every learning ability. Students learn lessons at their own pace, earn points and unlock avatars, and compete against classmates. Teachers enjoy the comprehensive digital dashboard that allows them to check on each student’s progress and monitor activity.

A cost-effective, seamless—and fun—experience for both you and your customers, EarthWise Adventure™ takes efficiency distance learning to a new level.

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High School Efficiency Education

FutureWise™ is more than an education program; efficiency-education-for-high-schoolit’s preparing high school students for the future. That’s because, in addition to learning about energy and water conservation, participants pick up essential life skills, such as how to pay utility bills and save money on electricity. But that’s not all. FutureWise™ also introduces students to employment opportunities within the green sector—a win-win. Students discover new and emerging career options, all while your utility sets up the next generation of industry workforce today.

Take your education programs a step further. Provide the efficiency products and behavior-change education your utility expects, while building the industry’s future workforce with career development and exploration components.

Check out our workforce development and career exploration infographic!

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Energy & Water Conservation Education

LivingWise™ is our most comprehensive educationenergy-efficiency-education-kit program— featuring behavior-change education components that cover water and energy consumption, along with energy-saving products packaged in customized, utility-branded kits.

Designed to delight students with engaging curriculum and involve parents with take-home materials they’re sure to love, LivingWise® also delivers the savings. In fact, participating households can expect an average yearly savings of 9,000 gallons of water, 330 kWh of electricity and 40 therms of natural gas when they update their home with the LivingWise® products—all verifiable savings for your utility.

Completely customizable to meet the unique needs of your utility customers, LivingWise® includes options for media materials, co-sponsorship opportunities, branded items, a custom-designed box and more.

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Water Conservation Education

Our WaterWise™ education program brings waterwater-efficiency-education-kit conservation to a neighborhood near you.

Our high-quality, comprehensive water education program is coupled with easy-to-install water-efficient products, which gives your customers the right tools to begin conserving water at home. Our proven program design helps both students and their parents gain a practical understanding of efficient water use. It also shines a light on how much individual behavior impacts a household’s monthly savings and the environment.

By installing the products included in a WaterWise™ kit, participants can save an average of 7,500 gallons of water per year—helping them lower their utility costs and helping your utility achieve savings goals.

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Outdoor Water Conservation Education

Did you know that up to 60% of household water outdoor-water-conservation-education-kituse is consumed in the yard? Our Outdoor WaterWise™ education program focuses specifically on outdoor water usage.

The unique WaterWise™ design integrates three essential components: engaging in-class lessons, parent-guided activities for home, and a utility-branded kit filled with high-quality outdoor water conservation products, courtesy of our partnership with TORO®.

Educate multiple generations and empower them to make lasting changes for long-term outdoor water savings with Outdoor WaterWise™. 

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