Conservation Kits

Energy- and water-saving devices, right at your customers' doorsteps

If you could drop energy savings directly into the hands of your customers, would you do it? What if those savings were beautifully packaged in an attractive design with your organization’s branding? What if they were focused on the exact needs of your customers—and you didn’t have to lift a finger? Our conservation kit programs offer all these solutions and more.

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Proven design. Endless customization.

From start to finish, we give you the tools to create an attention-grabbing efficiency kit filled with energy- and water-saving products, customized to fit the needs of your unique service territory. Maybe your demographic is more tech-savvy, so you want to send them a smart bulb or socket. They might be located in a place where water is scarce, so you could send them an aerator or efficient showerhead. Or perhaps they’re a diverse group with different needs and interests, and you’d like to send them a well-rounded product combination. Whatever your goal, we’re here to achieve it. Our customization options include:

  • Fulfillable through mail, website, phone opt-in or door-to-door canvassing
  • Available in boxes, bags or specialty packaging
  • Targetable towards small businesses, residential customers and more
  • Fully brandable with your organization’s unique look and feel
  • Fillable with hand-selected products to delight your customers

How conservation kit programs work

Whether you're a corporation, municipality, or utility looking to distribute energy efficiency kits or water saving kits, we've got you covered from start to finish.

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Savings tailored to every customer

The best part is, our efficiency kit programs can drive savings and satisfaction amongst all of your customer types, including:



Whether you’re welcoming new customers to your service territory, engaging long-time homeowners or solving for a special situation like natural disaster preparedness, residential kit programs allow you to positively impact your residential customers’ energy usage. By delivering conservation products directly to homes—and making product usage easy with links to installation videos and instructions translated into multiple languages—your utility has the opportunity to achieve significant savings and satisfaction.




Achieving savings in the multifamily sector is uniquely challenging, often due to split-level incentives that can discourage tenants or landlords from making efficiency upgrades. Our multifamily kit programs overcome this barrier by providing tenants with no-cost efficiency products, and if you choose, we can coordinate with building owners and property managers to ensure products are properly installed. We can also help you reach maximum sector savings by supplying commercial products to trade allies for installation in common areas.


Small Business

Small business owners can be notoriously hard-to-reach and even tougher to engage. They typically operate with a limited budget on a tight schedule and rent their storefront space. This unique combination makes efficiency engagement a challenge, but kit programs can help break down those barriers. Providing small business owners with efficiency products—at no cost or time commitment—is the perfect way for a utility to get their foot in the door. In fact, small business kit programs have proven to be a successful first step in increasing participation rates with small businesses, whether you’re driving toward energy audits, direct install, online purchases or engagement programs. 


Corporate Sustainability

Many companies have turned to us to develop energy- and water-saving kits to meet goals outlined in their corporate sustainability plans. These corporate sustainability kits encourage employees to reduce their carbon footprint by installing energy- and water-saving kits in their homes. Most companies count the savings from these product kits toward their own sustainability goals, and enjoy the extra benefits of improved brand image and boosted employee satisfaction. These kits also have the potential of sparking further efficiency engagement with employees through their utilities.


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