“Listens to my needs and works with me to find products that are the best solution, in my price range, and for my situation.”
Eric S – MN

“Great sales team, friendly and efficient with fast shipping which is always appreciated.”
Mark T – NY

“I’ve always had a great correspondence with AMCG employees, and they’re very knowledgeable about all of their products.”
Alantha G – CO

“Customer service representatives are always friendly and willing to help. We live in a remote area of Alaska and shipping has been an issue, however, AMCG personnel have helped get purchased items to us in a cost-effective way.”
Barbara B

“Customer service is great. Any problem is fixed, no questions asked.”
Mike B – NY

“AMCG is my first choice for kits because they are easy to work with, have very desirable turnaround time and great value. As an educator, I also appreciate the product insert which is supplied with kits.”
Maria L, ID

“I purchased the Niagara Earth Massage for home use. After using this unit once, I learned I have found a winner. I have well water and the pressure isn’t that great, but this unit stabilizes the pressure almost to the point to where you see no flow change. I own a few rental properties and purchased this unit for one rental and she just loves it. I have ordered four of them and plan on ordering more. Great unit, and it saves water.”

“We received our kits yesterday. They are beautiful! I love the box design! Thanks so much and great doing business with you again!”
Tish – MI

“We’ve had great experiences working with your company — good prices, great customer service, very responsive to our requests and needs.”
Jeff – SD

“Service was very good & professional.”
Program Manager – Utility Company

“The staff have been very friendly and responsive. Thank you.”
Earl – MD

“We have had a very good to outstanding customer service experience.”
William – WA

“Great customer service and the product was exactly what I expected and packaged very well. Sleek and professional.”
Cathie – MO

“Effective price, product knowledge, efficient shipping to us in the west coast.”
Amy – CA

“Excellent customer service and prompt deliveries.”
Jo – AZ

“You have excellent customer service, you make my job easier, and our clients are highly satisfied with your products.”
Maria – ID

“Your sales rep for the region is very responsive, very helpful and gets us a great price.”
Utility Customer – FL

“It’s a great company to deal with…awesome customer service, prompt replies and delivery!”
Kelley – Canada

“I absolutely love my account executive!! He is very helpful, knowledgeable and always ready to help!!”
LaLonnie – MD

“Service was amazing, product was amazing. We are very happy with AM Conservation Group.”
Brittany – Canada

“Deluxe Swivel Aerator – This sprayer is just perfect for any size sink. I love how I am conserving energy without sacrificing spray strength. It is much easier to use then my conventional spray and using a lot less water. The lever that stops the flow but not the water mix is great to stop and start the flow instead of adjusting all the time.”
Ralph B.

“Deluxe Swivel Aerator – I am very pleased, it was easy to install and the water can be set for a wide flow or a normal one. The fingertip lever control is awesome. I can easily stop the water flow with the tip of my finger, and turn it back on quickly. Keeps food preparation clean and healthy without wasting water or contaminating the sink area each time you need to rinse something. Awesome, well thought out product.”
Arlene T.

“Showerheads – Looks great, works great, very easy to install with the simple to follow instructions that were included with shower sprayer. Would recommend this product to friends and family, as well as, anyone else who needs a nice shower head sprayer!”
Paula W.

“Showerheads – You can take a decent shower with 1/3 of the water of the regular showerhead. It runs only 1.5 gallons of water in a minute, compared to my other shower which flows about 5 gallons in a minute. So this handheld shower head really conserves water. I can also put it on the wall, and take shower, hands free.”
Cyriac K.

“Probably the best thing you could say about a low-flow showerhead is that it doesn’t seem like a low-flow showerhead. That is pretty much the case with this one. While it is certainly not the same as dumping 6 gallons per minute on your head, this showerhead gives a surprisingly good wet spray with about 2gpm, with very little aeration, noise, or steam. Much better than the one it replaced. With a low-flow shower head, you are saving not just water, but also the energy cost of heating it, which is much greater. That is where the true savings lies.”
Anthony G.

“Easy to install in my new home. A lot more metal as opposed to all of them 100% plastic replacements that are out now. Gave me the impression of quality and pride.”
Matthew W.

“The name says it all, Simply Conserve brand handheld showerhead gives you the powerful spray action of showerheads from yesteryear while conserving energy and only using 1.5 gallons per minute. Somehow, all that aeration also gives an amazing water softening ability that I love and did not expect. Very simple to install and use right away. Beautiful chrome finish and extra long cord reaches the entire bath enclosure.”
Cindy K.

“This handheld showerhead came with clearly written instructions and was really easy to install! The quality and appearance is above average as well. I really like the pause button which allows me to soap up and/or shave and conserve water at the same time.”
Madeline P.