Student Thank You Letters

Through program management by AM Conservation Group, a Mid-Western utility company visited elementary schools to teach them and their families simple ways to conserve water and energy.

They gave each student a Conservation Kit which included a high-efficiency showerhead, a high-efficiency aerator, a showerhead/aerator flow meter test bag, a compact fluorescent bulb, an LED night light and a furnace filter whistle supplied by AM Conservation Group. The students were so gracious that they wrote the utility company thanking them for their time and the conservation products.

“My family really appreciates the light bulbs, the filter whistle and night light, etc. Thank you for everything you’ve done to keep this world healthier. You make a major difference in the world and in peoples’ lives. Keep doing what you’re doing.
Sincerely,Your friend
“Thank you so much for the box of stuff that helps our environment (and our electrical and water bills!). I really appreciate your guys’ thoughtfulness.
From your friend,
“Thank you so much for all of the wonderful, useful, and really nice things in the package you sent. My parents really are thankful for all the light bulbs. My brother really liked the night light. I would like the shower head in my bathroom, we haven’t decided yet!
Thanks again,
We love it”
“Thank you so much for giving me the energy saving package. My parents really enjoyed getting 6 free lightbulbs. In a couple weeks, I’m putting up the showerhead to save energy. I love saving energy. In the world. My parents love when the state of Indiana saves energy.