Conservation Education & Kit Programs

AM Conservation Group offers an assortment of comprehensive educational programs for utility companies, program managers, and various government agencies. These programs promote energy efficiency benefits and encourage children and their families to develop positive energy saving habits. Our programs are 100% turn-key and provide learning and savings through curriculum and easy-to-install conservation kits.


Typical goals of educational programs include:

  • Promotion of energy efficiency benefits helping to build deeper awareness
  • Impact on children at an early age (for k-12 programs) encouraging positive habit development for later life
  • Delivery of energy efficiency kits encourages timely product installation and immediate energy savings

For a quick overview of the kit program please    Watch this Video


AM Conservation Group’s Educational Program Elements:

  • Dedicated program manager
  • Schools or client enrollment
  • Marketing to promote program awareness
  • Powerful educational curriculum
  • Options for unique in-school approach with hands on learning
  • Utility branded materials cross promote other programs
  • Easy-to-install conservation kits with flexible delivery options
  • Dedicated call center handling customer questions
  • Comprehensive and detailed reporting structure
  • Ability to innovate to meet the program needs of any target audience


Student Thank You Letters

Elementary students say “thank you” for their conservation kits after a midwestern utility company visits their classroom.

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