Direct Mail Fulfillment

AM Conservation Group manages direct mail fulfillment campaigns for utility companies, program managers and government agencies.

Our team handles all aspects of the campaign including the design of the message and packaging, full color printing, management of mailing list and mailing, and thorough reporting of program progress. We undertake programs of any size and because of our large number of daily shipments and mailings, we offer very competitive rates.

AM Conservation Group’s Direct Mail Fulfillment Solutions Include:

  • Targeted marketing and mailing options
  • Complete database management
  • Customized packaging with logos or program themes
  • Options for innovative energy and water savings products and kits
  • Dedicated call center to address customer questions
  • Comprehensive and detailed reporting structure
  • Ability to innovate to meet the program needs of any target audience

For more information on our Direct Mail Fulfillment, please consult with an account representative by calling 1.888.866.1624 or submitting a “Contact Us” form.