Corporate Sustainability Kits

AM Conservation Group offers low cost, easy to implement sustainability solutions to companies that are interested in promoting energy and water conservation, reducing their carbon footprint and further enhancing their social responsibility and image.

Our LED light bulbs, high efficiency showerheads and faucet aerators are popular products to include in your sustainability program to meet your goals.

Our corporate sustainability solutions include custom kits. These kits offer the following:

  • Easy to implement energy and water conservation products for your employees’ or customers’ homes
  • A great story for employee engagement to incorporate into your sustainability report
  • A low cost, green marketing tool that will improve brand image

For a quick overview of the kit program please    Watch this Video

Corporate Sustainablilty Kit Samples

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A guide to employee engagement

Efficiency kits are completely customizable. To learn more about how a tailor-made kit comes together, please fill out the form below to download our guide.


Program Spotlight

A Fortune 100 company in the United States provided free water conservation kits to their employees to help reduce their water use at home. This kit educated their employees about ways to save water, which is important in many drought-stricken areas across the country. AM Conservation Group worked with the company to determine what products would best serve their employees’ needs and increase employee satisfaction. The program was quite successful with the employee base and they received a level of positive feedback while helping with water conservation in their area.