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Product Catalog

Product Catalog

Hot Water Heater Tank Appliance Grade Fiberglass Insulating Wrap

Units Per Case: 1

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Appliance Grade Fiberglass Hot Water Heater Tank Insulating Wrap is available in a variety of sizes.

If your water heater’s insulation R-value is below an R-24 or it’s warm to the touch, consider insulating it with an Appliance Grade Fiberglass Hot Water Heater Tank Insulating Wrap. Adding to your water heater insulation can reduce standby heat losses by 25% – 45% saving you around 4% – 9% in water heating costs. This Appliance Grade Fiberglass Hot Water Heater Tank Insulating Wrap has white vinyl-facing and is made from appliance grade fiberglass insulation. Includes specially formulated adhesive tape and easy to follow instructions. This energy-saving Appliance Grade Fiberglass Hot Water Heater Tank Insulating Wrap is one of the best insulation values for every home. Meets and exceeds U.S. Department of Energy Standards.

Water heating costs can also be reduced by installing water efficient showerheads, faucet aerators and by simply lowering your hot water heaters temperature setting. For each 10ºF reduction in water temperature, you can save between 3% – 5% in energy costs. Most households usually only require a 120ºF setting.

Each Tank Wrap includes tape to secure it to the water heater. For added security you can use our Strap Kits which includes 3 straps and 3 buckles and is long enough to fit all size water heater tanks. Strap kits can also be reused.

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