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Product Catalog

Product Catalog

Spoiler™ II Pause Hand Held Shower Heads

Units Per Case: 20

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The Spoiler™ II Pause Hand Held Shower Heads are an upgraded model of our Spoiler™ Handheld Showerhead with an added pause button that reduces water flow to a trickle. This is an easy way to save water and still enjoy your shower.

Need a great way to practice water conservation? The Spoiler™ II Pause Hand Held Shower Head provides an enjoyable low-flow showering experience with a pause feature to slow the flow of water while soaping up. When pausing a Spoiler™ II Pause Hand Held Shower Head you save money, reduce your utility bills and there is no impact to the water temperature. Spoiler™ II Pause Hand Held Shower Head comes with a 72″ stainless steel hose, a mounting bracket, and washers. The Spoiler™ II Pause Hand Held Shower Head is an easy way to Go Green!

Special features/Technical data include:

  • Four spray settings – Massage, Pulsating, Massage/Pulsating Combination, and Pause Trickle.
  • Water & energy-saving – Available with a maximum flow of 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM).
  • Pressure compensator – Provides consistent performance over a wide range of water pressures.
  • Self-cleaning, maintenance-free design insures uninterrupted performance and long-term product satisfaction. Available with metal or PVC hose.
  • Heavy-duty mounting bracket.
  • Easy-to-install – Fits standard 1/2″ threaded shower arms.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Exceeds all applicable ANSI/ASME, Federal, State, and Local plumbing fixture standards.
  • Meets performance requirements of the BPA, CEC, DEC and CSA.
  • High-impact ABS thermoplastic construction resists degradation, degeneration, and corrosion.

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