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Product Catalog

Product Catalog

Dual Spray Swivel Faucet Aerator by Niagara Conservation


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Our Niagara Conservation Dual Spray Swivel Faucet Aerators offer two steam options: a full force multiple stream and a splash-free bubble stream. Two versions (N3115P-FC, N3115VP-FC) of the aerator offer a pause-action valve that reduces flow to a trickle while keeping water temperature constant. All versions of the aerator contain a 360° swivel to direct the water flow where it’s needed. The Dual Spray Swivel Aerators produces a pressure compensated stream that performs well at any water pressure. This aerator is also dual threaded to fit both male and female threaded faucets: Male: 15/16-27, Female: 55/64-27.

Water Saving Aerator Features/Technical Data:

  • Dual threaded
  • Fits most male and female threaded faucets, Male: 15/16-27, Female: 55/64-27
  • Does not contain any unplated brass parts; virtually a lead-free aerator
  • 10-year warranty

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