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Product Catalog

7 Outlet Advanced Powerstrip

Item Number: TS1501
Units Per Case: 20

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The 7 Outlet Advanced Powerstrip Provides fireproof surge protection and reduces standby power consumption of PC and TV peripherals. When the plugged in master device, such as a TV or PC, is turned off or goes to standby mode, this Power Strip intelligently cuts off power to connected peripheral devices, such as DVD players and printers that consume electricity even when they’re not being used. Eliminating standby power consumption is made simple with this smartly designed power strip, conserving energy and saving money.


  • 7 Outlets
    – 1 Control Outlet
    – 2 Always On Outlets
    – 4 Switched Outlets (1 outlet transformer spaced)
  • 15A resettable circuit breaker
  • Auto-Disconnection if surge fails
  • 36,000 Amps / 540 Joules
  • Ceramic Surge Protection
  • Standard NEMA plug
  • Heavy duty cord

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