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Bi-Max Showerhead by Niagara Conservation

Item Number: N2610

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Niagara’s revolutionary Bi-Max Showerhead features two adjustable spray settings for optimal task performance and maximum water savings. The Bi-Max produces a luxurious shower with an even vacillating spray that requires  less water usage than typical “low-flow” showerheads. Simply twist the showerhead to match your desired task: 1.0 GPM for showering, and 1.5 GPM for a powerful rinse mode.

Water Saving Showerhead Features/Technical Data:

  • Niagara’s patented non-removable pressure compensator provides a constant output of water regardless of pressure
  • Even, needle spray with a large spray diameter
  • Compact, modern design
  • Corrosion resistant high-impact ABS thermoplastic body
  • Large POM swivel adjustment, virtually lead free
  • 10-year warranty

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