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Plate Pals® Wall Plate Thermometer

Item Number: PLATE-PALS
Units Per Case: 216

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Plate Pals® Wall Plate Thermometers replace existing wallplates and help save money and conserve energy by ensuring that you are able to balance heating and air-conditioning comfort from room to room.

Ever felt hot or cold and wondered if it was you or the room? Better-balanced heating and air conditioning from room to room with added comfort, while allowing for energy conservation, with the help of Plate Pals® Wall Plate ThermometerPlate Pals® Wall Plate Thermometer readily replace existing wall plates, install in minutes, and need no wiring. LCD display accurately displays temperatures to within 1°F. UL approved, and an easy access battery is included. May be personalized with corporate name, logo or program theme. Minimum quantities apply for personalized product, ask a sales representative for details.

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