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Product Catalog

Product Catalog

Power Strip – Advanced Technology Current Sensing

Item Number: TS1104
Units Per Case: 18

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The Energy Saving Advanced Power Strip is a strong example of smart technologies designed to effortlessly reduce your carbon footprint. Turning off peripheral devices like printers and DVD players is an easy way to conserve energy. The Advanced Technology Current Sensing Power Strip detects the right opportunity and does the work for you – saving electricity and reducing your utility bills.

The Advanced Technology Current Sensing Power Strip is a great power saver. When the plugged in master device, such as a TV or PC, is turned off or goes to standby mode, this Advanced Technology Current Sensing Power Strip intelligently cuts off power to connected peripheral devices, such as DVD players and printers that consume electricity even when they’re not being used. Eliminating standby power consumption is made simple with this smartly designed power strip, conserving energy and saving money.

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