T-2 Compact Fluorescent Spirals - 13 Watts

T-2 Compact Fluorescent Spirals

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Rated Watts Std Incand Equivalent Lumens
13 60 900


T-2 Compact Fluorescent Spirals - 13 Watts

Item Number: LY31113T2
Units Per Case: 48

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Energy Star Product


Professional Contractors - Our 13 & 18 Watt T-2 CFL's are now available in a contractor pack of 60 bulbs - LY31113T2 C60, L30118T2 C60. Please contact one of our Sales Executives for details!

The LUMAcoil™ is a T-2 compact fluorescent developed to be environmentally friendly, have long life, high lumens per watt and great energy savings.  The LUMAcoil's™ fit most places incandescent bulbs do! Ideal for use in residential and commercial energy efficiency and direct install programs where long-life and customer satisfaction are needed.


  • Energy Efficient - Saves energy and money: $33.48 to $99.79 per bulb.
  • Ideal for applications with hard to reach areas & small fixtures.
  • Developed for residential and commercial lighting applications.
  • Color/CRI: 2700K/80
  • Power Factor: >0.50
  • Rated Life (hr): 12,000
  • Non-Dimmable
  • UL Approved for use in interior and exterior fixtures.
  • Harmonic Distortion: <130%
  • Models with a blue star have earned the ENERGY STAR®.
  • Long life CFL, 10,000 hour average rated life - L31109T2
  • Long life CFL, 12,000 hour average rated life - LY31113T2, L30118T2, LY31123T2

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