Online Store Programs

Nearly 30 years ago, AM Conservation Group began developing e-commerce websites to sell our own energy and water conservation products. Now we offer our clients the ability to do the same.

Custom branded, secure online stores can be used to provide customers, community members, trade allies or employees with our entire line of kits, energy and water conservation products. AM Conservation Group’s internal expert and certified web team will design, develop and manage the kit ordering portal to your exact specifications. It will be both attractive and functional and incorporate all the best practices we’ve learned over the years to maximize your energy and water conservation savings. The ordering process is easy, convenient and secure, with all fulfillment and logistics also professionally handled by AM Conservation Group.

In addition to developing your store, our expert marketing and design team can offer you data-driven targeted marketing support to obtain the highest participation and conversion rates on your store as possible.


The result? Seamless engagement, verifiable savings, lower call center costs and faster fulfillment.

Whether you plan to offer free, discounted or full-price products, our solution will allow you to remove the hassle of going to a brick-and-mortar store, while integrating any rebates or incentives directly into the ordering process to streamline the user experience. Your store can be linked directly from your website or employee intranet. You also will have access to extensive reporting that shows what kits were ordered and when, shipping information, even the amount of deemed savings associated with the order.

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"I have to tell you what a great site you have. Very easy to use, very user friendly."
Clair Ernst Trapp, Rural Resources— Energy Assistance Programs