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Utility Companies Drive Adoption of Efficiency Kits for Customers

Charleston, S.C. (February 10, 2015) A newly released White Paper takes a close look at the impact of energy and water efficiency product kits and the savings they offer to energy efficiency portfolios throughout the country.

One key finding showed that utility customers are most likely to adopt energy and water savings technologies when the efficiency kits are combined with direct outreach, such as direct mail fliers, and educational opportunities, such as pamphlets, videos and workshops.

“Contrary to popular belief, utilities don’t want consumers to use large amounts of energy because that leads to a need for expensive additional infrastructures to support the use,” said Todd Recknagel, CEO of AM Conservation Group. “Utility companies will do whatever it takes, including distribution of efficiency kits and educational tools to help lower energy and water use. These programs help utilities save money on infrastructure and meet government regulations, as well as provide cost saving benefits to consumers. It’s a win-win solution for everyone.”

The White Paper, entitled, “Overview of Energy Savings “Kit Programs: Background, Challenges, and Opportunities,” was created by Illume Advising, experts on energy efficiency programs. The research delved into the background, challenges and opportunities of energy savings kit programs provided by utilities to their customers. AM Conservation Group is the largest provider of conservation kits to the utility industry.

Energy and water efficiency kits have represented an established role in the energy efficiency arena since the 1990s and have proved to be a versatile and effective way to engage customers, the paper states.

The White Paper also looked at the inclusion rates of various energy and water saving products offered in efficiency kits and found that CFLs are most often included in utility provided efficiency kits with a rate of 100 percent. High-efficiency showerheads and high-efficiency faucet aerators also have a significant inclusion rate of 89 percent.

The inclusion rates of other products analyzed included water heater pipe insulation, water heater set-backs, furnace filter alarms, advanced power strips and weather-stripping, as well as LED nightlights and flow rate bags.

“We work with energy and water providers to determine which products to include in efficiency programs to drive the greatest results,” Recknagel added.

Today, conservation kit programs serve two primary purposes in an efficiency portfolio – as a gateway to efficiency and to increase customer participation in other regional energy and water savings programs. Utilities are finding that partnering with a conservation leader like AM Conservation Group to deploy efficiency kits helps ensure operational efficiencies are maximized and customer satisfaction improves.

About AM Conservation Group
Established in 1989, AM Conservation Group, Inc. is the leading expert in energy and water efficiencysolutions designed to provide maximum value for a client's investment. Since its inception, the company has facilitated some of the largest and most effective energy preservation programs in U.S. history with utility companies, program managers and government agencies. AM Conservation's underlying mission is to increase the number of energy and water conservation programs on a nation-wide scale. Founded on principles of customer service, AM Conservation provides its clients with personalized conservation services or programs tailored to meet their individual needs. To support the numerous programs and services upheld by AM Conservation, the company specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of over 700 professional-grade products for the conservation industry, ranging from energy efficient LED light bulbs to custom-designed, water saving showerheads. For more information, visit

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