Case Study: The City of Ventura, California

The City of Ventura has been working with AM Conservation since 2010. They partnered with us due to our affordable products and excellent customer service. The City of Ventura uses a variety of AM Conservation water and energy conservation products to aid in their conservation initiatives

1. What programs and initiatives does The City of Ventura run to help educate or aid in conservation?

Right now we give away “Sustainability Kits” to new residents (who initiate water service connections), to MFR dwellings (upon request of property management) and to the general public via an online form and/or at community events. AM Conservation Group products make up the majority of our kits, including, the CFL light bulbs, flappers, showerheads, custom-made leak and indoor conservation kits, outdoor hose nozzles and squeegees. We also provide free water surveys and give out a lot of the products then too. We currently do not have a rebate or incentive program and these products help bridge the gap for us in terms of customer service.

2. How do you foresee AM Conservation Group helping you achieve your goals?

By continuing to provide prompt service and quality conservation products at affordable prices.

3. Which products/services in particular attracted you to AM Conservation Group?

Showerheads, nozzles, etc.

4. What were some of the highlights in working with AM Conservation Group?

I think AM Conservation Group is doing a good thing for the environment. Being sustainable, making sure homes and businesses are being as efficient as possible is a good thing for not just the environment, but for our economy too.

For more information about the City of Ventura’s Environmental Sustainability Initiatives, visit their website at